Coaching Testimonials


Crone package

“Having Ari as my Spiritual Advisor has been nothing short of extraordinary. She’s like a therapist, life coach and witch doctor all rolled into one. With her detailed personalized rituals I’ve been able to undo years of childhood trauma and programming. Which is more than I can say after years of just therapy. She is very tapped in so the messages are usually pretty clear, specific and enlightening. She has helped me remain dedicated to my Spiritual growth and the changes in my abilities have been exponential. I’m developing more confidence and discernment in my psychic gifts. I’ve been able to channel and speak light languages, read the Akashic records for myself and other close relationships. She enables you to practice your gifts by allowing you to tap into her own records. Everything she has channeled for me has consistently come true. I’m thankful and excited to be a lifelong student and co-manifestor of hers.”


Crone package

“Working with Ari has been an Amazing experience. She is always accurate with the information that she receives from my records. She has made me feel comfortable sharing personal parts of my life with her. And I have definitely had to deal with issues from my past and work through issues that I tried to bury. I am so glad that I listened to my intuition that told me to invest in myself and work with Ari. I am certain that I will be a different person after working with her and also being in her Academy. I am happy that I joined (the Academy). I was unsure at first but it definitely helped me to Tap into my gifts, learn about myself and it helped me during the most devastating time in my life. I loved my readings with Ari. I learned a lot about myself, past lives, my potential. Also Ari was very accurate.”


Mystic package

“Master Ari has assisted me in finding confidence within myself, deciding to put myself first instead placing others before me. Within my records Master Ari connected me to past lives that taught me what wounds I need to heal, changing my perspective on money, which assisted in me being able to manifest and draw in finances easier. I left my job that caused so much strain on my soul and gave me the confidence to follow my true calling and passion. Helped me with Reconnecting with my inner child, allowing me to express and be my authentic self, and skyrocketing my creative flow and in doing so igniting a power and ability within taking me to the next level and deeper within myself. Because of Master Ari, i express like a lion, play and connect like a monkey, love with the heart of a dragon, burn with the passion of a Pheonix. and reside at peace within the harmony of my dark feminine energy and masculine energy, bring true balance into my life.”


Crone package

I had my first Akashic Records reading with Ari in November 2022. It was such a powerful reading! Ari channeled profound messages that were just for me with pinpoint precision. I became her one-on-one client and she became my psychic mentor in April 2023. Ari will reflect back to you your own Highest Self. Ari is a reflection of your higher self.

Ari embodies her unique feminine power, is a profound and clear channel and a woman that I felt so comfortable to open up to, that she led me out of my darkness and back into my light. 

She helped me break the hard shell I had covered myself in for many years and she healed and empowered me to blossom into my true self. In the last six months, I have blossomed into my womanhood, my femininity, and I have reclaimed my power and my sexuality.

Through the Akashic Records, Ari was able to travel into my past lives. The lessons of these past lives gave me understanding to my present-day experiences. She also cleared deep ancestral karma. She helped me identify heart walls and detrimental thought patterns that were preventing me from opening up to love and from expanding my yoga business. She taught me how to value my time, reclaim my power and feel happier in my life. No amount of therapy could have gotten me to this point in only six months! The first few months of mentorship focused on me. What I wanted to discuss, what was active for me, what I needed to share and clear – past, present, and future – Ari covers it all. She guided me through energy work, grounding practices and showed me how to tap into life-force energy. She taught me to clean my aura and gave me kundalini reiki clearings.

Ari validated me in my spiritual journey and brought me into a deeper spiritual way of living. Ari was able to alchemize so many aspects of my life- in love, as a mother, with my career, as a woman, as a psychic, and then she brought me to the next level spiritually. She helped me recognize energy leaks and guided me to correct them with fierce boundaries. Ari wrote for me personalized channeled full moon release rituals and new moon manifesting rituals that pinpointed my needs and desires better than I could say myself.

I also join Akashic Allures Yoniversity and Akashic Allures Academy in May 2023. I love Ari’s scientific teaching style. Ari’s Masterclasses are full of feminine wisdom and she unveils the mysteries of creation.”

Akashic Readings Testimonials


“My Akashic Records reading with Ari was lovely. I was able to get confirmation on business ideas, my past life and purpose now, as well as my relationships with my family/friends. She really is very caring and open-minded. I felt at ease when talking with her and she made me feel accepted. It is so great to be able to speak with someone who is so caring and understands me. I am going to get another reading because I have more questions LOL. THANK YOU, ARI!”


“I got the most insightful, life changing akashic records reading from Ari, I cried, I laughed and the information I found out is definitely helping me on my journey to healing. We were on the phone for hours and it was so detailed, she answered all of my millions of questions and provided solutions 10/10 highly recommend.”


“I just want to say THANK YOU so much ARI!! You are literally so gifted and everything you told me resonated with me on such a deep level. You were spot on with everything and it truly astounded me. I knew I had water life history and just wowwww! and I’ve been feeling so lost for some time now and have always wanted to get my records read but never felt safe with anyone until I found you. Thank you for being patient and kind.

Definitely recommending and booking you again!!!!”


“Honestly, thank you so much again for the reading. It’s the first reading I’ve gotten where I had no doubts about what’s being relayed will resonate. Everything hit the nail on the head & you knew things I’ve only spoken to a few people about when it came to my perspective. I think I finally found a trustworthy & very compatible reader I hope to hold onto for a long time. I finally feel like the shift I’ve been wanting can finally happen all thanks to you! It was absolutely life changing & I can’t wait to connect with you again (it’s a definite).”


“I just had an amazing Akashic Record Reading with Ari. I recently had a breakup and trying to get back to my authentic self. During my 4 year relationship, I forgot how to feel sexy and lost my divine feminine energy. Ari was able to get to the bottom of my limiting beliefs and cut energy cords that were no longer serving me. Ari also taught me how to step into my inner divine Goddess and activate my sexuality. Thank you Ari for reminding me of my Divine Feminine power and I’m walking away from our session more confident than EVER BEFORE!”


“Ari is absolutely amazing- from the moment we began the reading, I felt so nurtured, supported and resonated with everything that she was saying. The visuals that Ari was describing were so spot on, and gave me so much to reflect about. I was feeling so down prior to my reading, and now I feel so centered and balanced during a very stressful time. I will definitely be scheduling readings with Ari routinely.”


“I just wanted to reach out to you and say thank you for the amazing Akashic reading that I received. It put a lot of things into perspective. And I also went home with my girlfriend who was with me and we watched 300 all over again. There were a lot of things that I definitely could see myself do. So I thank you. You too more than an Akashic reader. You’re a bit of a psychic healer any channeler obviously. I definitely know my own kind when I see them lol you are so beautiful inside and out. One of the best reads I have ever had. I definitely look  at things differently now!”


“Beyond grateful to have experienced an Akashic and Starseed soul print reading with Ari!! She’s incredibly intuitive and delivers information from your guides in such an impactful way. The confirmations and affirmations I received and questions I was able to ask were incredibly helpful and deeply resonate. I laughed, cried, listened and felt totally safe in her container! Massively grateful! Thank you Ari!!