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An 8 week group program on how to read the Akashic Records, and ignite the Kundalini Dragon mysteries

Spring Semester closed for enrollment

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What is the Dragon Path

Ancient civilizations across the world have been telling stories of dragons. They are commonly associated with European and Asian mythology but also are found in North & South American, African and Polynesian legends. Civilizations who have had no contact with one another and are thousands of miles apart describe dragons similarly as forces of nature.

To this day, we continue to tell stories of dragons. It is an archetype deeply embedded within the human psyche. The origins of humanity and dragons are more intertwined than you think…

2024 marks the Year of the Dragon according to the lunar calendar. This will usher a huge collective shift as we anchor in the teachings the dragons have to offer us. The time is now…Will you awaken the sleeping dragon? 

The Dragon Within

The Dragon Archetype is someone who embodies…

strength…you have a level of self trust to hold yourself through any tower moments life throws at you

divine sovereignty…you are your own spiritual authority and being royal means being in sacred purpose to your community

wisdom…you embody mastery over your spiritual lessons because fuck imposter syndrome

transformation…you are unafraid to initiate yourself through rebirths and let go like a pro

magic…you faithfully know your intentions and manifestations will come to fruition

revolution …you understand that your devotion to your healing heals the collective

Kundalini Dragon Mysteries

The dragon is also known as the flying serpent, it is the higher octave of the snake.

Tantric and Hindu teachings speak of the sleeping snake that lay at the base of the spine called the kundalini

To embody the dragon archetype and walk the dragon path is to fully ignite the kundalini and unveil its wisdom

Working with your dragon kundalini energy leads to a deeper remembrance of self and Spirit (gnosis), an expansion of your unique psychic gifts and awakening to your mastery

The Dragons and

The Akashic Records

The Akashic Records, also known as the “Library of God”, is an energetic dimension where all your thoughts, actions and words are stored – past, present and future.

Before you came to Earth, you chose to forget all your incarnations and everything you learned. When you access the Akashic Records, memories are restored, timelines collapse, and you’re reunited with your truest higher self.

You become the most authentic and expressed version of yourself through understanding your soul essence.

The dragons are knowledge gatekeepers of the Akasha. To become an Akashic Records practitioner means to embody your dragon archetype of wisdom, self mastery, divine sovereignty, magic and alchemy. 

Similar to working with kundalini energy, the Akashic Records is a powerful tool in dissolving energy blocks and a marker of higher spiritual initiation. 



Spring 2024 Curriculum:

Activating the Dragon Archetype

Through 8 weeks….you will go through an 8 step alchemical transformation…through the 8 chakras including the Akashic Soul Star Chakra

Ancestral Dragons

This module we will talk about the history of dragons on Earth and tune into our ancestral dragons. We will also connect to the dragons from our spiritual bloodline, connected to us from our past lives.

Akashic Energy Work: Root Chakra Ancestral Clearing and Healing

Elemental Dragons

This module, I initate you into service to the Earth as grid workers. I will share my secrets of manifesting travel and how. toaccess the different dragon/ magic portals around the world.

Akashic Energy Work: Sacral Chakra Womb / Emotional Body Clearing

Cosmic Creatrix Dragons

 This module, I will be breaking down astrology as levels of consciousness and dimensions. You will learn how to use the stars and planetary alignments to create your own New Earth. This is not your basic astrology class!

Akashic Energy Work: Solar Plexus Dissolving Mental Blocks 

Akashic Wisdom Dragons

This module, you will meet your Akashic dragon guide. We will learn about all the different dimensions/rooms of the Akashic library. This will be a quantum physics lesson about how time and space ACTUALLY WORK.

Akashic Energy Work: Heart Chakra Heart Intuition Activation 

Wealth Dragons

This module, I will share even more wealth mindset secrets. Where does your fortune lie? We will tap into the true sources of abundance, prosperity and wealth.

Akashic Energy Work: Throat Chakra Witch Wound Healing

Royal Dragon Bloodlines

This module, you will learn how coronations were magical rituals. This is not just for the elites anymore. You can undergo the same transformation and awaken your dragon bloodline lineage.

Akashic Energy Work: Third Eye     Psychic Activation

Destroyer Dragons

This module, we will unearth the truth about the dragon’s power. Instead of being fucked by life’s tower moments, you become the force which initiates radical shifts and change in your life.

Akashic Energy Work: Crown Chakra Higher Self Soul Retrieval

Dark Mother Tiamat

This module, I teach how chaos leads to creation, how the hot bubbling forces lead to explosive world shifting movement. You become united with your divine ferocious essence. You are the dragon awakened.

Akashic Energy Work: Soul Star Chakra Clearing Unaligned Timelines

Who is Akashic Allures Dragon Institute for?

This program is best for those who

Are already intuitive and want to grow their gifts

Are tarot/ psychic readers/ mediums / healers / energy workers who want another tool and healing modality

Are craving spiritual community with other talented psychics, spiritual business owners, bad ass witch bitches 

Are feeling that the Akashic Records are the next expansive step on their spiritual journey

What makes Akashic Allures Dragon Institute different?

You are not just learning about how to read the Akashic Records

You are also receiving tools and energy activations to prepare your psychic channel to be an effective reader 

If you just want to learn how to read the Akashic Records, then this is NOT the program for you

In my program, I will also be sharing the deeper mysteries behind our connection with the dragons, shared by the Akashic Records

The Akashic Records is a powerful healing tool that can dissolve subconscious blocks, awaken dormant psychic gifts and accelerate your spiritual evolution. 

Dragon Institute Testimonials

Ari our High Priestess is so intelligent. Love the way she starts each course with a meditation/channeling. It allows us to connect more with the information provided. I just love her scientific/spiritual brain and how she connects everything. I really enjoy learning from her and this one connected to the Dragons which made me feel like I was welcomed back to family.. Ari has built this beautiful little family and I feel so connected with each and every one of these women even though we never met.. Thank you so much for the opportunity..

Dragon Priestess Jam

Gained a lot of Knowledge. Made me interested in Dragons and how to work with this energy. For favorite workshop, I can't pick just one..I loved the course. Especially the energy work. Love it. Changed my life. I know have a business because of this course.


honestly thank you so so so much ari for initiating me to the dragons bc without you i would still be really intimidated and confused lol 😂 i am so excited for this lunar new year 🧧 eeeeeeek!!!! 🌑🌑🌑💥🐲



This is an 8 week group program to learn how to access your Akashic Records held via Zoom

Spring Semester closed for enrollment.

**Course available through Akashic Mentorship and Academy and/or Yoniversity Enrollment

In this program you will receive:



Access to future semesters of Dragon Institute including rituals, akashic practices and remastered workshops

Live Zoom Group Rituals for the New Moon/ Full Moon  

8 Live Group Zoom Akashic Practice/Energy Work Activations 

8 Dragon Transmissions/ Workshops 

Access to Akashic Allures Alumni Library which includes all recordings from Akashic Allures Academy for activating the Dark Feminine Archetype

Access to Akashic Allures Academy Workshops *not live group semester*



Two 2-hour Akashic Breakthrough Sessions Post-Academy for Akashic Integration ($1110 Value)

Akashic Abundance Crash Course with wealth masterclasses from all my courses

Guest Expert Events

Access to future semesters of Dragon Institute including rituals, akashic practices and remastered workshops

Live Zoom Group Rituals for the New Moon/ Full Moon

8 Live Group Zoom Akashic Practice/ Energy Work Activations 

8 Dragon Transmissions/ Workshops 

Access to Akashic Allures Alumni Library which includes all recordings from Akashic Allures Academy for activating the Dark Feminine Archetype

Access to Fall Semester 2024 Akashic Allures Academy