Akashic Mentorship 2.0

6 Month Mentorship Program

 For spiritually gifted, psychics, channels, mediums and healers who are looking to deeper activate their abilities and connection with the Akasha

The Inner Soul Calling…

You trust your gifts, ancestors and psychic abilities but you still yearn to UNLOCK your potential for healing yourself and others

You are DEVOTED to your personal spiritual practices yet you know there is deeper service when it comes to how you show up to your purpose

You are curious about how the Akashic Records can ACCERLATE the growth of your psychic gifts and energetic body awareness so that you can offer this service for others

What is the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records is the library of your soul. It is an energetic higher dimension that your consciousness can tap into and receive information / healing from your Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones. Consistent readings in the records means you are consistently in the light and frequency of your highest self and the Akasha. This means remembering of who you are, awakening dormant gifts, and clearing of what no longer serves.

Why tap into the Akashic Records?

You’re not “stuck”, you’re just ready for new healing tools and spiritual knowledge. When shadow work journaling, tarot card readings and reiki were not enough, I learned how to read the Akashic Records. This accelerated my ascension process. You too are able to gain self mastery because you learn to trust your intuition, guides and higher self deeper. Remembering your Akashic Records is the natural next stage for the evolution of your consciousness.

What is Akashic Coaching?

Akashic Coaching is a mentorship/coaching program where YOU are empowered to listen to your own intuition and guides. I am channeling your UNIQUE soul records to deliver messages and healing from your Masters, Teacher and Loved Ones while also helping you read your own records. To be able to read the records means that you are opening your psychic channel, delivering divine messages and healing frequencies to yourself and others.

Why work with me?

I created this program because consistent Akashic Records readings is what helped me become more committed and aligned with my spirituality and higher self.

It was nice to have someone bypass my ego and CONFIRM to me things I’ve been already feeling. I still get consistent readings to this day! The records give me the confidence and higher perspective when I’m facing challenges. I’ve invested in mentors because I know the value of having support and accountability.

6 Month Program

As your Akashic guide, we will dive into these 6 topics:

Past lives

Clear and understand your karma to finally learn missed lessons

Inner child healing

Let your truest self be seen and heard so you can not repeat dysfunctional relationship patterns

Ancestral blocks

Heal your family bloodline, you will see improvements in not just your life but for all family members…new and old

Current lessons

Gain clarity and the higher perspective on what you need to focus on right now

Remembrance of the Self/Records

Know your highest self, remember your soul qualities you embody lifetime after lifetime, reclaim your purpose

Future potentials

Expand what is possible for you, align yourself with your highest best possible time line

Coaching Testimonials

Having Ari as my Spiritual Advisor has been nothing short of extraordinary. She’s like a therapist, life coach and witch doctor all rolled into one. With her detailed personalized rituals I’ve been able to undo years of child hood trauma and programming. Which is more than I can see after years of just therapy. She is very tapped in so the messages are usually pretty clear, specific and enlightening. She has helped me remain dedicated to my Spiritual growth and the changes in my abilities have been exponential. I’m developing more confidence and discernment in my psychic gifts. I’ve been able to channel and speak light languages, read the Akashic records for myself and other close relationships. She enables you to practice your gifts by allowing you to tap into her own records. Everything she has channeled for me has consistently come true. I’m thankful and excited to be a lifelong student and co-manifestor of hers.

Ciera, Crone Package

Within the first session I learned far more about myself then I have ever learned by myself, through tarot and other psychics that I have met with across my life. After one session I watched as my life instantly started evolving before my very perception, as if a lock was undone and a door opened, one that I walked through, only to find more doors, closed, locked, but now within view. Every session I have With Ari more doors are unlocked and more knowledge, wisdom, and understanding I discovered connections that mold me within this life both beneficial and restricting, I discovered ancestors and past lives that affect me within this life and aid me upon my journey. I learned of gifts and abilities I possess, lessons I must transmute, contracts from other lives that is apart of me within this life. I have been able to change beliefs that have been suppressing my light and journey that since discovering, I have been able to work upon which has aided me mentally, spiritually, and financially, and things are just getting started, I’m fired up for what still to come and how much I will evolve due Master Ari’s gifts, abilities, and wisdom.

Aiden, Mystic Package

I’m ready for my Akashic Transformation


You’ll receive:

3 months

6 Biweekly 2-hr Akashic sessions

Ongoing text support


Mailed witchy supplies

Payment Plan:

$8000 1X

$2700 3X


You’ll receive:

12 Biweekly 2-hr Akashic sessions

Ongoing text support
Mailed witchy supplies


Personalized rituals

Akashic energy work healings

Enrollment/Access to Akashic Allures Academy + Dragon Institute ($2220 Value)

3 month psychic development to read Akashics and Akashic energy work practice 

Payment Plan:

$10,000 1X
$1700 6X


You’ll receive:

12 Biweekly 2-hr Akashic sessions
Ongoing text support
Mailed witchy supplies
Personalized rituals
Akashic energy work healings


3 month psychic development to read Akashics and Akashic energy work practice

Enrollment/Access to Akashic Allures Academy + Dragon Instittue ($2220 Value)

Enrollment/Access to Akashic Allures Yoniversity ($5000 Value)

Payment Plan:

$12,000 1X
$2220 6X


Currently have 1-2 slots open for this intimate container

I love working with my current clients and would love to hold space for more beautiful souls.

Get ready for a consciousness EXPANSION (yes this will be reflected in your reality as well)

Ask about the package you are most interested in and I will set up a call for us to discuss further.

*Not taking new clients during Mercury Retrogrades (until Jan 1st 2024)