Akashic Allures Academy

Activating your Allure

An 8 week group program on how to access your Akashic Records and step into your Dark Femininity

Fall semester is closed

What if…

You had access to the deep inner wisdom of your infinite soul and a profound understanding of who you are with clear guidance

You woke up knowing that was a magnet for everything you desire and that your pleasure was sacred
You had a sisterhood of women who were willing to hold and witness you exactly as you are so you can feel safe in your fullest expression

Here’s what’s happening

You know you have psychic abilities but you want to hone them and connect to your guides deeper

You’ve read all the books and watched all the videos and now you’re wanting to go deeper to embody all the lessons you’ve learned

You’re ready to follow the seductive call of your inner dark feminine energy but you don’t know where to start

You want to learn more about yourself and unlock the sacred knowledge you hold

You have a soul remembrance of doing this work in a past life

And now…
It’s time to reclaim your psychic gifts and fully restore the dark feminine within

I know what it feels like to hear the siren call of my dark feminine energy…leading me into deep transformation

Hey hey to my witchy babe reading this! It’s Ari Selene, Selenemoonqueen on Tiktok, owner of Akashic Allures LLC and founder of Akashic Allures Academy. I know what it feels like to want to tap into this dark feminine power and unlock your wisdom.

5 years ago, I started my divine feminine journey. I was getting into witchcraft, opening my psychic channels and learning about different Goddess archetypes.

I did full moon releasing rituals and new moon manifestation rituals. I started using important astrological portals to manifest opportunities, jobs and money.

I cleared a lot of ancestral blocks and inner child wounds through using the lunar cycles and shadow work journaling.

But my ascension process ACCELERATED when
1. I learned how to read the Akashic Records
2. I started doing reading exchanges with other Akashic readers and
3. I stepped into my dark feminine power.

No I’m not kidding…everything changed…I was no longer in a relationship, I quit my job, I moved and my social circle changed. But those changes were necessary.

That’s the thing about Dark Feminine Energy. It comes at a cost. You will lose everything that caused you to give your power away. But you will gain your most sexy, confident and psychic self.

I created Akashic Allures Academy for women/ divine feminines to embody their dark feminine archetypes. The witch, the psychic, the seductress, the creator/destroyer, the phoenix.

I cannot wait to share what I’ve learned on my Divine Feminine journey while also delivering wisdom from my Akashic Records and channeling the Goddesses themselves. All the while helping you tap into your records and open your psychic channels to remember the sacred knowledge you hold.

What is the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records, also known as the “Library of God” is an energetic dimension where all your thoughts, actions and words are stored. This lines up with the scientific concept of the quantum field where energy information is held.

Before you came to Earth, you chose to forget all your incarnations and everything you learned. When you access the Akashic Records, memories are restored, timelines collapse, and you’re reunited with the dark feminine essence within.

You become the most authentic version of yourself through understanding your soul essence.

What’s included:

Through 8 weeks….you will go through an 8 step transformation

Quan Yin
Light Feminine

Radical Self Compassion and Self Love

Akashic practice: trauma, blocks, past life karma

Green Tara
Light Feminine

Centering in yourself to expand what is possible

Akashic practice: soul talents, purposeful past lives

Mary Magdalene
Light/Dark Feminine

Enter the Pleasure Temple: Rose Mysteries

Akashic practice: current lessons, spirit guides


Inner Union 

The art of seducing and manifesting

Akashic practice: future potentials


Outer Union

Healing Core Wounds: Shadow work Alchemy

Akashic practice: group akashic channeling

Kali Ma
Dark Feminine

Stop people pleasing: Fierce Compassion + Boundaries

Akashic practice: decoding

Dark Feminine

Dark Mother Sacred Womb Creatrix

Akashic practice: starseed past lives and guides

Dark Feminine

Garden of Eden: Liberation making your own way

Akashic practice: general reading

Who is Akashic Allures Academy for?

This program is best for those who

Are already intuitive and want to grow their gifts

Are tarot/ psychic readers/ mediums who want another tool and practice
Are feeling the call of the Dark Feminine and the Akashic Records

What makes Akashic Allures Academy different?

You are not just learning about how to read the Akashic Records
You are learning about all the different feminine archetypes that live within you and how to embody and utilize this energy!
If you just want to learn how to read the Akashic Records, then this is NOT the program for you
In my program, we will be learning about a different Goddess each week while also diving deep into topics of witchcraft, astrology, and other occult topics
This is rare knowledge given to those who are ready for deeper truths, Be ready to awaken your psychic gifts so that you can pierce the veil and remember your secret wisdom. It is called a mystery school for a reason

What it’s like being in my witchy vortex

Working with Ari has been an Amazing experience. She is always accurate with the information that she receives from my records. She has made me feel comfortable sharing personal parts of my life with her. And I have definitely had to deal with issues from my past and work through issues that I tried to bury. I am so glad that I listened to my intuition that told me to invest in myself and work with Ari. I am certain that I will be a different person after working with her and also being in her Academy.

Sincerely Raven Reliford.

I’m very thankful I committed to working with Ari. From the very start I feel like she was there for me specifically, not just a random person. She tailored all of our sessions to fit my needs. I can tell that she takes the time to see how she can help me develop, all the way down to her packages. The tools she’s given me have been an added boost to my manifestations. I feel like I have grown tremendously since working with her. From the very first session she was shedding insight into parts of my life that I couldn’t fully process on my own. She has helped me realize where certain energies have stemmed from and how to alchemize it as well. We have crafted petitions to undo generational curses and trauma and I have seen the fruits of our labor. Relationships that were strained have taken a full 180 and become nurturing and fulfilling because of the light we cast into those dark places. I instantly had confidence and trust in her abilities because of her energy and clear channeled truthful information. From the very start the prophesies that she said to me each came to fruition. Because of that I was able to build my own confidence by having her confirm my own channeled information. I lacked discernment at first and now feel quite confident in my abilities to decode messages that I receive both in my records and from spirit. I have a forever skill of reading the akashic records for myself and others that will forever positively influence my connection to spirit. I feel like i’ve officially been upgraded from a baby witch to a full blown connected source. I’m beyond excited to take her future courses!


Akashic Allures Academy blew me away! I had high expectations and Ari delivered every single time. I learned so so so much about ancient knowledge, wisdom, and practices that you cannot find in any history book! The initiations she guided me through were incredibly powerful and activated powers within me I didn’t know I had. The Akashic Practices helped me grow my Intuitive gifts and helped me feel more confident as an Akashic Channel. The community we created was a beautiful friendship and I genuinely loved showing up to the calls every week! I loved that we also had rituals and practices that were based around the current astrological transits. Ari puts so much love into every single zoom call, meditation, workbook, and reading, every moment feels special. She is highly gifted in so many different ways. She handled the more intense subjects with care, and even those were truly liberating. The entire experience was so much fun and helped me see myself in all my power.


Working with Ari and the akashic records has helped me recognize patterns/wounds within me that I kept repeating as lessons. Learning how to establish boundaries/heal/rest and embracing my dark feminine energy has helped me evolve on a higher level and becoming a magnet for attracting my manifestations. Grateful for Ari's intuitive gifts/channeling abilities/empathy/sense of humor as she held space for us all to grow.



This is an 8 week program to learn how to access your Akashic Records so that you can fully embody the Dark Feminine Goddess you are


Fall Semester closed for enrollment.

**Course available through Akashic Mentorship and Dragon Institute and/or Yoniversity Enrollment

In this program you will receive:



Digital Shadow Workbook + Manifesting Workbook 

Live Zoom Group Rituals for the New Moon/ Full Moon  

8 Live Group Zoom Akashic Practice Meetings

8 Goddess Transmissions/ Workshops + 3 bonus Goddess Workshops

Access to previous masterclasses (Akashic Allures Alumni Library) and masterclasses released during program

Access to Akashic Allures Dragon Intitute Workshops *not live group semester*



Two 2-hour Akashic Breakthrough Sessions Post-Academy for Akashic/Dark Fem Integration ($1110 Value)

Akashic Abundance Crash Course with wealth masterclasses from all my courses

Guest Expert Events
8 Live Group Zoom Akashic Practice Meetings

8 Goddess Transmissions/ Workshops + 3 bonus Goddess Workshops

Access to Akashic Allures Alumni Library which includes all recordings from Akashic Allure Dragon Institute for activating the dragon kundalini within

Access to Spring Semester 2025 Akashic Allures Dragon Institute 

Ready to step into true soul essence and be part of the Dark Feminine movement?

Interested in enrolling into Akashic Allures Academy?

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