My Spiritual Journey | Akashic Records | Dark Feminine Embodiment

Hello! I’m Ari Selene

Akashic Records Practitioner, Kundalini Reiki Energy Worker, Psychic Development Mentor, Divine Feminine Devotee, Dragon Path Priestess, Dark Feminine Witch

How it all started

My Spiritual Journey

From a really young age, I had a deep remembrance of Spirit. I had prophetic dreams that later came true and triggered intense deja vu. In elementary school, I felt that no one really understood that living on Earth was uncomfortable and awkward.

As a child, I felt connected to certain past lives, specifically in Ancient Egypt, which triggered my spiritual awakening. A Chinese psychic once told me I purposefully spilled the drink that makes us forget our lives when we reincarnate. In middle school, I was researching about chakras, sacred geometry and beings from Sirius.

And through this remembrance, everything made more sense

As a teenager, I was doing guided meditations to connect with my spirit guides and angelic beings. But even in high school, I never really knew how to authentically navigate social situations and was very introverted due to being highly sensitive and empathic.

Through my early adult life, I became more devoted to my spirituality and started unlearning the masks that I thought kept me safe from being misunderstood. Many dark nights of the soul helped me alchemize my trauma and I started sharing my witchy self with those I trusted.

In 2017, I bought my first tarot deck and I started to do lunar magic, manifesting on new moons and releasing on full moons. I channeled Archangel Michael for the first time.

In 2018, I experienced a full kundalini awakening which has set me on my path towards my purpose. My spiritual journey has empowered me to step into my divine purpose of being a divine channel for Spirit and helping women heal to remember their power.

In 2021, I learned how to read the Akashic Records and unapologetically embodied my Dark Feminine power. I quit my job and went viral on Tiktok for sharing my most authentic witchy self to the world. 

Through my Akashic Records, I reconnected to my lifetimes where I have served the Divine Feminine.

In Rome, I was a bathhouse sex priestess then later madame, saving slave girls from the wealthy to come work for me.

In South America, I was a birth doula calling back the soul fragments for women in labor due to the traumatic experience of birth.

In Egypt, I was a priestess of Hathor teaching women magic, sensuality and divine feminine worship

Through the records, I have remembered the power, depth, wisdom and beauty of my soul.  

Dark Feminine Energy and the Akashic Records is key in lifting that veil of amnesia so you can unlock your psychic gifts, magnetism and deepest desires. 

Specializing in ancestral work, past life remembrance and spellcrafting, I facilitate the energy work for you to alchemize what holds you back so you can unlock parts of your soul you have forgotten.

It is my joy to connect people to their records so that they find clarity, wisdom and confidence I have found through the Akashic Records

It is my passion to teach women how to open new psychic channels, own their allure and remember their magic. 

The Akashic Records, also known as the “Library of God”, is an energetic dimension where all your thoughts, actions and words are stored.

This lines up with the scientific concept of the quantum field where energy information is held. Your records are stored in the 9th dimension; it is where my consciousness travels and channels information from when I access them.

Before you came to Earth, you chose to forget all your incarnations and everything you learned. With the records, your soul memories are restored. The more you are in the light of your Akashic Records, you reconnect with your soul talents, you heal past life karma and accelerate your soul expansion. Timelines collapse because you have clear guidance and you no longer have to learn things the hard way.

Using the Akashic Records means you are a clear channel for Divine messages and frequencies. You can use them like how a psychic reader channels guidance or you can use the Akashic Records in energy work (Akashic Clearings/ Activations)

Unlocking my Dark Feminine Energy

My life completely changed when…

I started to take my personal and spiritual development seriously.

I used to be caught up in the distractions of life- school, work, TV, social media, partying, dating.

I had a fulfilling job as an elementary teacher, I had a great relationship and I had a fun social life but part of me felt stagnant…that I’m meant to use my gifts to help others.

For years, I ignored my intuition telling me to change my life

Finally, I leaned into that discomfort and followed that drive for something greater.

Thats when shit hit the fan…

Every aspect in my life where I was settling had to crumble. The rug was taken out from under me. My career path drastically changed, my relationship ended and my friendships faded.

It was my
Dark Feminine Initiation.
I was thrown into the chaotic unknown. Everything familiar was gone but I knew that this was leading me to a more authentic life.

Tower moment after tower moment,

I grew wiser through each hard lesson

I grew my faith and trust in Spirit

and I grew comfortable in the uncomfortable.

Everything that happened to me was happening for me…

I’m finally at a point in my life where I deeply trust myself, my intuition, and my guides. It is hard to doubt myself because I have seen what I am capable of and I no longer fear where Spirit is taking me.

You know you’re in an Dark Feminine Initiation when…

You go through deep shadow work
Your life feels like its in shambles
You don’t even know who you are and what you want
But you know deep down that what is happening is for the best

This process is not for the weak of heart. Be prepared to face the parts of yourself you have repressed, shunned and demonized. You will dive deep into the darkness to find yourself again.

Because deep in the darkness is where you reconnect to your dark feminine power.

This where I found my confidence, my sexual magnetism, my psychic abilities and my purpose.

This is the alchemical process of the Dark Feminine.

However, this comes at a cost.

You must surrender everything that has caused you to give away your power.

Seer, Prophetess, Priestess, Crone, Seductress, Wild Woman, Warrior Woman

These archetypes live deep inside you.