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For the awakened soul who seeks to remember the totality of their soul essence
For the mystic woman who seeks to reclaim their divine feminine power and magnetism

Akashic Priestess and Dark Feminine Witch

Hey babe! It’s Ari Selene

Also known as Selenemoonqueen | Founder of Akashic Allures LLC

I am a gifted channeler who has served and read over 200 soul Akashic Records. I am not only a divine channel for the Akasha but also gifted in trance channeling modalities like light language and attuned to Kundalini Reiki Level 2. It is my pleasure to teach other gifted psychics, witches and lightworkers in accessing the records for themselves and tapping into their dark feminine energy. It is my soul calling and mission to help more people remember the sacred knowledge and wisdom their soul holds through Divine Feminine Embodiment and the Akashic Records.

Akashic Breakthrough Session

My current Akashic mentees are willing to face themselves, committed to the inner work and ready to own and develop their spiritual gifts. Our sessions get really deep…facing your childhood traumas and negative behaviors can get really emotional but you’re in a compassionate space to truly feel seen, safe and heard. This is not for those who are looking for something outside of themselves for meaning and guidance…This is for those who are ready to listen to their own intuition…because what I am just here to confirm what you already know. Get a taste of the work I do with my Akashic Mentorship clients with my one time 2 hour Akashic Breakthrough session

Discover healing and expansion through the Akasha

As your Akashic Mentor and guide, I work with you to

Uncover subconscious blocks that may come from your childhood, past lives and ancestral lineage

Reconnect with who the fuck you are and how you are meant to serve with your gifts

Unlearn religious/societal programming blocking your psychic abilities and expression

Align with your Akashic Blueprint of your purpose and soul lesson mastery

Explore exciting future potentials and open higher soul aligned possibilities

Develop a clear connection to your psychic channels, energy body, spirit guides. and higher self 

Akashic Services

AKASHIC Mentorship

6 Month Mentorship Program

Transform your mindset and lifestyle through the guidance of YOUR soul records. Heal deeply through Akashic clearings and activations. Call back your power through Akashic soul retrieval. Hone your psychic abilities through accessing your own Akashic Records


8 Week Group Program

Learn to connect and embody the different light feminine and dark feminine archetypes.
Connect with other witchy psychic babes who will practice reading your Akashic Records.
Activate your Dark Feminine Energy through witchcraft, sisterhood and psychic development.


 1 hour, 2 hour sessions

Tap into your past lives, and future potentials. Gain clarity on your current lessons and situations with the guidance of your spirit team. Reconnect with your soul essence and truth. Curious about my Akashic Mentorship? Book my 2 hour Akashic Breakthrough session!


My Akashic Records reading with Ari was lovely. I was able to get confirmation on business ideas, my past life and purpose now, as well as my relationships with my family/friends. She really is very caring and open-minded. I felt at ease when talking with her and she made me feel accepted. It is so great to be able to speak with someone who is so caring and understands me. I am going to get another reading because I have more questions LOL. THANK YOU, ARI!


I got the most insightful, life changing akashic records reading from Ari, I cried, I laughed and the information I found out is definitely helping me on my journey to healing. We were on the phone for hours and it was so detailed, she answered all of my millions of questions and provided solutions 10/10 highly recommend.


I just want to say THANK YOU so much ARI!! You are literally so gifted and everything you told me resonated with me on such a deep level. You were spot on with everything and it truly astounded me. I knew I had water life history and just wowwww! and I've been feeling so lost for some time now and have always wanted to get my records read but never felt safe with anyone until I found you. Thank you for being patient and kind. Definitely recommending and booking you again!!!!


Honestly, thank you so much again for the reading. it's the first reading i've gotten where i had no doubts about what's being relayed will resonate. everything hit the nail on the head & you knew things i've only spoken to a few people about when it came to my perspective. i think i finally found a trustworthy & very compatible reader i hope to hold onto for a long time. i finally feel like the shift i've been wanting can finally happen all thanks to you! it was absolutely life changing & i can't wait to connect with you again (it's a definite)


Thank you so much for your reading today. It was great to just be able to hear and confirm things about myself that I know deeply but never take the time to acknowledge fully. Your reading also helped me understand my relationship with my ancestors more, and this will help me deepen the bond and move without fear in this direction. Lastly, thank you for helping me realize my magic, my energy, and my power. You are a beautiful soul and I felt safe and comfortable in your reading. Stay magical!


This girl is the real deal for sure! She was able to look at my records and confirm a lot of the experiences in my life. She helped me put some worries to rest in terms of the energy I feel around me. She was able to introduce me so some of my spirit guides and let me know how to connect with them more on my own. I am very grateful for her services and would highly recommend anyone to do the same. I will be forever be reaching out to her as a guide!


I just wanted to reach out to you and say thank you for the amazing Akashic reading that I received. It put a lot of things into perspective. And I also went home with my girlfriend who was with me and we watched 300 all over again. There were a lot of things that I definitely could see myself do. So I thank you. You too more than an Akashic reader. You're a bit of a psychic healer any channeler obviously. I definitely know my own kind when I see them lol you are so beautiful inside and out. One of the best reads I have ever had. I definitely look at things differently now


Beyond grateful to have experienced an Akashic and Starseed soul print reading with Ari!! She's incredibly intuitive and delivers information from your guides in such an impactful way. The confirmations and affirmations I received and questions I was able to ask were incredibly helpful and deeply resonate. I laughed, cried, listened and felt totally safe in her container! Massively grateful! Thank you Ari!!



The quality of being powerfully and mysteriously attractive or fascinating

To tap into your allure means to unapologetically step into your sacred magnetism. Attracting all you desire through remembering your Akashic Records and Dark Feminine Energy.